‘Babe thank you so much for class yesterday. You’re so great. Your cues are amazing and it’s so refreshing to be taught by someone who really understands what it’s like to not just be able to do everything first time. Your cues really TEACH and that’s so inspiring.’


Pyreneese 2019

The yoga retreat was amazing. I would recommend it to anyone. I went on the retreat to see if I could do yoga every day and I found out that I absolutely could. By the time I got to the retreat I was at the point where I really needed a holiday and it absolutely delivered. I never wanted to leave again. I met great people on the retreat, we all got on so well. I truly believe I made life long friends.

Sarah is a great teacher. She knows how to get us to do our best. I made so much progress during the retreat. I only really noticed it after the retreat but what a change. I now feel that handstand is within reach, my crow is a lot more solid, I can now do Eka Pada Koundinyasana 2 on one side. It’s an amazing feeling! Sarah also offered us 2 workshops which were really useful and playful and I found it more comfortable in a retreat environment where we’ve all known each other for a couple of days.

Finally the food was amazing. Soph is a great chef, she’ll make anyone happy with her food, vegan and non-vegan alike. Breakfast was especially delicious. It was very hard to stop eating.

Pyreneese 2019

‘It’s been over a week since I got back from our retreat in France and I can’t really describe the shift that’s happened in my life. It was a magical week and such a beautiful place. Despite being a yoga practitioner for a decade, I’ve never practiced so much in my life, nor in such a gorgeous setting. It truly made a difference to be in nature somewhere so remote and serene. Although I was new to Rocket and Mandala and Yin, you were encouraging and pushed me to tap into my breath and 150% of my strength! But I think most importantly, the people you attracted and brought together was the best part. Within a few hours, we were all floating in an easy, summer domestic bliss as if we had known each for years! Someone was always putting a new pot of coffee on, arguing to help bring things to the kitchen, or marvelling at the food and weather. It was an incredibly special atmosphere, that wasn’t totally about yoga either but about living life fully on our terms.

Thank you for an incredible experience. I returned to Dublin feeling, slower & fuller mentally and stronger & lighter physically. Having recently ventured out on my own with my business, I was nervous about taking a week off. Last week was the best week in my business ever and I felt like I made better decisions and developed better connections with my clients.

To many more!’

Pyreneese 2019

 It was such a great, magical, wholesome (for lack of a better word) experience. I genuinely made some great new friends (including you!), and it’s crazy to me how we never ran out of things to talk about even though we spent almost all of our time together. Our group was so supportive, open, friendly and kind. I also just laughed so much, which is truly the sign of a good time I believe.

Highlights for me: the yoga - your sequences were incredible, and I would have thought that 2 hours would be too much for me, but I never got impatient or felt like they were too long; the yoga platform - I’ve never practiced in such an incredible, simple, but breathtaking space (the sounds, the trees, the sun); the food; the people! I left feeling so much stronger (physically and mentally). 

Anyways, thank you for a truly, truly amazing experience. This was my first yoga retreat and it’s safe to say I’m hooked. I can’t wait to join one next year!!!

Thailand 2020

I honestly cannot thank you enough for this week. It’s had such a massive impact on me and I’ve learned so much and met such a brilliant group of people. I know it’s the start of an exciting yoga journey. Really looking forward to your next London class. Enjoy your week - so so deserved. The crazy amount of work you put into the retreat really paid off but was very evident so I hope you get chance to properly relax. So happy to experience your first retreat with you!!!! Huge congratulations. Hope you feel really proud of yourself! Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything. Feeling so happy xxx